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We're Different, Here's Why

Why We Partner

We choose our suppliers because of the quality of their products and the support put behind them. We rely on our vendors for help because our industry is vast, and being an expert at everything is impossible. 

We look at ourselves as jacks of all trades but master of none. So we lean on the masters, our vendors, to be our experts. We know it’s very much a team effort. We are also a firm believer that there isn’t a company that is the best from A – Z, so we find their strengths and make them our strengths; our strengths become your strengths. 

We also understand that we need to remain competitive, and there is a place in the market for generic offshore products. Our key to offshore development is that it can’t be problematic; if it is a problem for our customers, it’s a problem for us. We will work with the vendors to fix the problem, but if it continues, then we will discontinue that product and find a replacement. 

Why we do what we do

Samester doesn’t manufacture a product….but we do manufacture service. An oxygen molecule is the same as everyone else’s, so what separates us? We feel service is the difference, and we control what we can control; we can’t control what we don’t manufacture. 

Other prominent players in the welding industry manufacture gases or welding products, so they have specific items to lean on. We have to be different to survive in this industry; we focus on service, knowledge, and quality products. 

We think the small to medium customer base is under-serviced, so why not focus on a market that has a weakness—the global gas companies battle to service the large and extra-large companies. We pick up the ones that get forgotten by them and do a great job servicing a cross-section of small to large companies.

What Makes Us Different

We identified our strength in dealing with small to medium-sized accounts. These accounts are typically pushed off for days or weeks by the global gas companies; we understand the more minor companies’ frustrations. We service with intention and closely listen to their needs. 

We take the stand that it doesn’t matter if you’re a $100 or $100,000 account; you deserve to be cared for with the same level of attention and service. 

We have live people answering our phones, which allows us to react to customer emergencies. If it requires instant action, we can service the account within hours and not days. 

We don’t claim to be perfect either, but we will sure work remarkably hard to fix a mistake if it happens, whether it’s our fault or not. Our employees make us who we are! We don’t have a high turnover like other companies; this helps add to our extensive industry knowledge and understanding of trends. 

If we don’t know the answer, we know who to call to get that answer; we are business to help our customers make better decisions.

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